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[APD] Help with algae identification and cure

Blue green and brown stuff on M. mattogorossense:
Brown stuff on M. mattogrossense:
Blue green stuff 30x magnification
Brown stuff 30x magnification
Overview of the whole aquarium:

pH 6.4-6.5, KH 2.5, GH 4, Fe 0.1-0.2 ppm with 
TMG/Seachem Flourish/Trace, NO3 10-25 ppm,
PO4 dosages about 0.5 ppm every other day.
50-75% wc every saturday in the morning.

I dose for the whole volume (310 litres) every
two days: 0.1 ppm Fe(trace), 10 ppm NO3,
0.5 ppm PO4.

Lights 6x36 watts 11 hours.

I have besides dust algae on the front glass
and some Cladophora in the grass two
"easy to remove"-algae. Like all BGA they
easily wipe off when touching the leaves.

The funny thing is the blue green stuff only 
attach to new shoots of M. mattogrossense
and thereby stopping the shoot to open up
when the light comes on.

What are they? The blue green is probably
BGA, but the other? I have a UV and I
cover up the aquarium every night with

What to do?

// Daniel.
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