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[APD] Mark your calendars: Moderated Chat Series for Aquatic Enthusiasts

Every Friday for the last 6 weeks there has been a live moderated chat taking place on Craig Morrison's IRC servers. Each night there is a special speaker who discusses some aspect of fishkeeping. Past speakers and transcripts can be found here: http://2cah.com/ladyjai/calendar.html#past

Tom Barr has graciously agreed to be our Guest Speaker this Friday. He will be discussing planted tanks without CO2. After his talk, there will be a Question and Answer time.

Please note this is Friday, February 27th at 8pm EST (-5GMT).

please visit this link for details on how to log onto the chat: http://2cah.com/ladyjai/calendar.html#details
If you log on early to test, you will not be able to 'speak,' however I do recomend making sure you can log on ahead of time. Once the chat starts I will not be checking my email.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email me. You are welcome to attend any future chats as well. Hope to see some new faces.

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