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RE: [APD] Re: Tom Barr recommendations not working??

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If all you are getting is spot algae then I would say that his
recommendations are working.  I don't think pearling should
be an indicator of a successful tank, it just means that your
water is saturated with oxygen.  If you don't have a lot of light
plant growth might be slow, but thats not necessarily a problem.

the spot algae was only a symptom of something else going on which was
likely continuing to use the K2S04. My problem was and still is plants that
don't look healthy. Black tips on the Vals, leaves curling , some yellowing.
They simply don't look like they should. As a comparison I have a 33g tank
with DIY CO2. It's a livebearer tank on the bottom of a rack and gets
somewhat neglected. I usually run out of CO2 before I remember to mix up
another batch. I add PMDD every now and again. It has slightly more lighting
at 2 x 40 watt bulbs and in this tank the plants look good. The crypts have
nice dark green leaves whereas the one's in my 77 are mottled looking. No
curling of the plant leaves in the 33. I do get decent growth of my plants,
in particular Ludwiga in the 77 but little pearling and an overall unhealthy
looking setup. I just have to keep tweaking it till I get it right.


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