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RE: [APD] RE: Tom's rec's not working

thx. Tom, your right it was the K2S04 you recommended stopping, my mistake.
I have upped the CO2 and will see how it goes .


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> KN03  1/2 tsp x 2 week
> KH2P04..1/8th tsp 1 or 2 x week
> K2S04  1/2-3/4 tsp after water change only
> 10 mls trace 2 x week.
> I mixed up trace at 1 tbls per 500 ml. ( just made a new mix today and
> try 2 tbls. in 500 ml, maybe it will help)
> A subsequent posting resulted in a suggestion to stop the KH2P04

I did not tell you stop adding PO4, there's no reason to stop that.

 which I
> have and up the trace to 15 mls which I did however my plants are still
> looking terrible, well most of them anyway.
> I don't see much pearling at all
> except for some small bubbles rising to the surface toward the end of the
> day. Current settings are.
> 77g heavily planted
> gravel substrate
> PH 6.8 changes to 6.9 just before lights out
> GH 100
> KH 70
> 160 watts of T12 lighting consisting of 4 Grolux plant bulbs in two strip
> lights.
> compressed CO2 injected via intake of Fluval filter
> Nitrate as measured by cheapo Hagen kit appears to be around 5 ppm.
> Weekly 50% water changes.

Since you seem to be having general lack of growth, I'm suspecting CO2.
And I am right about it.
Got 5$ says so.
Drop your pH to 6.6 if it floats up to 6.7, that's fine, you do this and
then tell me if thingsare not working.

None of the KNO3, traces etc work if you don't add enough CO2.
I know I mention CO2 almost daily to folks.

You try this, then see, add the PO4 back also.

Clean, trim the tank up real good, crank up the CO2, then do the weekly
water changes etc.
Then keep a close eye on the pH.

> What has shown up since I started this is spot algae on the glass which
> really requires scrubbing with my magnet to get it off.

And adding PO4 will reduce this type of algae.

 As I have a black
> background I didn't notice until tonight while I was scrubbing the front
> glass that the back glass is almost completely covered with the stuff. It
> will be razor blade scraping tomorrow when I do my water change.

Use a credit card, the best use yet for them.
Blades work also make sure they are new/clean.

>  I have just finished having a canopy made up that will house 6 x 32 watt
> T8's and intended to change the gravel to Flourite however I likely will
> get this finished for awhile yet. So what is it going to take to get these
> plants pearling away and growing well. Sorry for the long post and thx.
> any suggestions.
> Rick

CO2, CO2 and CO2.
If you include an error of 5ppm, the CO2 levels are not that great with
your present routine. If you notice substantial reduction in pearling,
suspect anything for that matter, make sure your CO2 is good. Then go back
and check it again. 20-30ppm is the range you want, I gave you a suggestion
of a range of 30ppm at 6.6pH.

That's(30ppm) enough to saturate the CO2 needs of aqautic plants(eg adding
more than this amount will not help most aquatic plant species).

No nutrient routine will work well without a good CO2 level if you use CO2
enrichment methods.

I think you will be very pleased, perhaps relieved even once you do this
and watch your tank.
Stick with the routine, add the PO4 and up the CO2.

Low PO4/CO2= green spot algae.

Tom Barr

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