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Re: [APD] DIY Eco complete and Fertiplant ideas

Tom's original post, if I now understand him correctly, was
aimed at two replacements, one each for a different
substrate, Eco-C and Fertiplant.

So it appeared there were twice as many "layers".

I set up two tanks at the same time, one with Eco-C and one
with Onyx Sand. After a bout a year, I've yet to notice a
diff in performance. Both had a toss of peat at the bottom.

Scott H.
--- John Wheeler <jcwheel76 at yahoo_com> wrote:
> Hey gang,
> Scott Heiber queries, but I'm addressing the entire
> topic:)
> > 
> > It kind of sounds like going back to the layer cake
> > substrates of the past. Why so complicated?
> > 
> It's not really complicated.

S. Hieber

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