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Re: [APD] RE: lignite/DIY fertiplant/Eco complete

Thanks, Tom, that clears things up a bit.

As for Eco-C's weight, the finer granules all settle
towards the bottom within a few months and one is left with
the larger stuff at the top to plant in. I can see how
adding, for example, Onyx Sand would make things easier
inthis regard -- Onyx easily falls back around the roots
when you insert a plant. But I fear it would tend to settle
down towards the bottom after a while, not so much because
of weight but because it is so much finer than the Eco-C
that remain towards the surface of an Eco-C substrate.

Scott H.
--- Thomas Barr <tcbiii at earthlink_net> wrote:
> > What doesn't make sense is using lignite *and*
> eco-complete as
> > it equates to using laterite under flourite--what's the
> point.
> No, lignite does not have much iron. 
> I think perhaps you thought the Eco complete was
> lignite(?), no, I
> suggested "Turface MPV Balck" for that.
> Sorry, I went into to two separate things there: DIY Eco
> complete and DIY
> Ferti plant.   
> It's(Lignite) like peat, except older and more
> concentrated ...something in
> between coal and peat.
> It might absorb more like activated carbon(which also
> might work well) than
> the peat alone.It likley last longer than peat as a
> source for carbon and
> other nutrients.
> Folks have been using it for some years now.
> I cannot say it's a significant difference vs say
> peat/mulm and onyx sand
> etc, but it does not cost much and seems worth a try.
> There's nothing that
> would suggest it's worse. 
> Saving folks $ of fertiplant/Eco complete is a huge point
> for many people
> and have it still look good.  
> Black Turface is light weight like Eco complete but has
> the same properties
> like high iron, high CEC, porous, mixed grain size, etc.
> But adding black
> sand to either will help with the weight issue if you
> find it troublesome. 

S. Hieber

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