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[APD] help with sick/agonizing otocinclus

Greetings to all!

I bought my first couple of otocinclus yesterday. Their mission was 
supposed to be helping control algae in my 10-gallon planted tank. One of 
them seems to be in perfect health, rasping algae from the glass and 
playing "flying rug" with the vallisneria leaves near the filter's output.

The other, however, appears to be in trouble. The little fella has a
tendency to "float", I keep finding him belly-up and stuck among the
leaves that touch the surface. Often he'll even have half his head out of
the water. One'd think him dead, except when he senses a disturbance he
wakes up and swims away from danger, only to be found later, again at the
surface. I get the impression he's "over-buoyant" and has to struggle to 
the point of exhaustion whenever he wants to take a dive.

I've also noticed he "burps" occasionally, ejecting a small bubble from 
his gills. 

I know otos often die for no apparent reason, however I'd like to know if
I can do anything to help this fish. Also, my apologies if this request
doesn't belong on this list, which I know is devoted mainly to aquatic
plants, but otos are popular among planted tank keepers and I figured 
someone here might know a way to help the fish.

Thanks in advance!

	- Roadmaster

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