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[APD] More leonardite info

The other Tom asks:

>>Is this what I would need for a fake Eco-Complete

There is no leonardite/lignite in Eco-Complete.
Ferti-plant is the product containing lignite.

The object of the game is to keep people from getting
ripped off buying Ferti-Plant. It's simple to brew
yourself for pennies on the dollar. Eco-complete, as
Tom suggests, could be substituted with Turface Black,
but these are 2 different animals. They *may* do the
same job ultimately, but one is a clay product and the
other is Volcanic-- Very different beasts.

Schultz Aquatic Plant Soil has also been suggested,
and Dupla or AP laterite will also get the job done.
The idea is to make Fe and other trace metals
available reliably and for the long term by using
granulated humics. These will also improve the CEC of
any substrate.

John Wheeler

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