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RE: [APD] RE: lignite/DIY fertiplant/Eco complete

Thanks for clearing up my confusion, Tom. I believe I'm among several who
want to try this. Is the black sand you're talking about like the "Black
Beauty" blasting sand? Or something else. I'll be looking around Huntsville
for the black turface and internet for the Black Diamond lignite. 
Thanks again.


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Subject: [APD] RE: lignite/DIY fertiplant/Eco complete

> What doesn't make sense is using lignite *and* eco-complete as
> it equates to using laterite under flourite--what's the point.

No, lignite does not have much iron. 
I think perhaps you thought the Eco complete was lignite(?), no, I
suggested "Turface MPV Balck" for that.
Sorry, I went into to two separate things there: DIY Eco complete and DIY
Ferti plant.   

It's(Lignite) like peat, except older and more concentrated ...something in
between coal and peat.
It might absorb more like activated carbon(which also might work well) than
the peat alone.It likley last longer than peat as a source for carbon and
other nutrients.

Folks have been using it for some years now.

I cannot say it's a significant difference vs say peat/mulm and onyx sand
etc, but it does not cost much and seems worth a try. There's nothing that
would suggest it's worse. 

Saving folks $ of fertiplant/Eco complete is a huge point for many people
and have it still look good.  

Black Turface is light weight like Eco complete but has the same properties
like high iron, high CEC, porous, mixed grain size, etc. But adding black
sand to either will help with the weight issue if you find it troublesome. 

Tom Barr

> Bill

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