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> Weekly or when ever the tank looks like it's not pearling like it should
> the last few hours of the day.
> Anytime anything seems wrong.
Pearling?  haha, the only time my plants pearl is when I'm doing water
changes.  Most of it is air from the tap and some of the aire I can see
plants putting off streams of bubbles from one point or another.  I've never
seen them pearl on a daily basis, not even close :-/

> I don't think the high K+ is going to cause any issues, so you can add it
> if you want or stick with the KNO3 alone.
> Unless you have a fair amount of fish, high NO3 in the tap water, you
> likely only need to add KNO3 to supply an excess of K+.
Right, I have a very small fish load, so I'll add in the KNO3.

> You only would need to add the K2SO4 after the water change only, not
> etc. KNO3, traces, PO4 yes.
> GH/K+ can be added weekly after water change.
Ok, think I've got it.  Traces, KNO3 and PO4 daily, keep the GH at 4 and
K2SO4 after water changes.  Keep pH at 6.6 with KH at 4 degrees targeting
CO2 at 30ppm.

I think I can do this, I'll let you know the results in a few weeks or so.
Thanks so much for your time and comments, Tom.

-Dave T.

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