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[APD] More leonardite info

Found this while looking for "Lignite" info:


Hydra-Hume DG is a granular leonardite blend containing 70% humic
Acids. It is mined from leonardite deposits originating from fresh
water vegetation and has a low salt index. Hydra-Hume DG contains a
variety of micro nutrients. The humic acids contribute to improved
soil structure & water holding capacity, and nutrient uptake by
plants. It is available in two grinds: Regular - containing multiple
particle sizes and is designed for optimum dispersion in fertilizer
blends; Greens - screened for a uniform particle size ideal for use
on and penetration into turf. Hydra-Hume DG is National Organics
Program compliant.

Is this what I would need for a fake Eco-Complete mix?
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