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[APD] Sources for fake EC mix components?

> So a DIY fertiplant/Eco complete substrate would be done as follows:
> Lignite: cheap, available(folks seem to be using the product Diamond
> Black)
> Turface balck: cheap available

Where is Diamond Black Lignite available?
Never heard of it till now. I found this info in a search about it:

> Granular leonardite products such as "Diamond Black" can be
> incorporated directly into the growing medium. This provides a range
> of humic acids (including fulvic acids) that will be released slowly
> throughout the cropping cycle. A study posted on the internet
> (Canadian Journal of Plant Science) reported a 27% dry matter yield
> increase in canola (an oil crop) with the addition of 10 grams of
> high quality, agricultural grade leonardite per 3 kg of soil. These
> types of results certainly call for some experimentation by indoor
> gardening enthusiasts.

Sounds interesting.
I want to run this mix in my 75 gallon this week if possible.
I picked up some fake black gravel by accident (Don't ask).

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