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RE: [APD] DIY Eco complete and Fertiplant ideas

Scott, it doesn't sound that complicated: bottom layer is mulm
with macro-enriched lignite (peat optional) with an overlayer
of mixed Black Turface and Black Sand. A two-layer cake at best:)
What doesn't make sense is using lignite *and* eco-complete as
it equates to using laterite under flourite--what's the point.
I don't mind mixing several things that are going in one layer.
Carefully laying down multiple layers seems abit wack 'cuz it 
will be an homogenized mess the first time you transplant or 
rearrange. I'm curious if Tom's experiments with macro-enriching
the lignite is successful. Very curious since I've gotten macros 
from Greg Watson recently.


Scott wrote:
It kind of sounds like going back to the layer cake
substrates of the past. Why so complicated?

Scott H.
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