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[APD] DIY Eco complete and Fertiplant ideas


John has suggested some good ideas about fertiplant subsitutes and I am
going ot try a few things with lignite. 
It cost about the same as peat, seems a little less messy, __might__
provide a better sponge for soaking up macro nutrients.

Many folks seem to be pleased with Eco complete but if folks recall,
Turface Black(50lb bags) is also available and __cost much less__ than the
Schultz's plant soil  ands a great5 deal less than EC and is basically the
same product if you look at the contents.

Eco complete is a bit light weight for my taste, but then so is Turface, if
this is not an issue, then you should fair well if you add the substrate
with lignite, mulm and maybe peat. 

So a DIY fertiplant/Eco complete substrate would be done as follows: 

Lignite: cheap, available(folks seem to be using the product Diamond Black)
Turface balck: cheap available
Mulm= free
Peat= cheap/optional when using lignite

You can add black silica type sands to add weight to this mix, 
Adding black sand to black Turface will not be an eye sore either, like red
color turface and finding a suitable color match. Something to consider.
But for about 30-40$ max, you should be able to have a DIY substrate for
about a 50-100 gal tank, vs 150-200$ and it should work well, look good

I am soaking the lignite in a solution of KNO3 to see how much is absorbed
by this material.
Then I will add the lignite to pure water and see what rate the NO3
diffuses out.

I will try KH2PO4 and then repeat this.
Next try both KNO3/KH2PO4 together.

Hopefully it'll absorb a lot and not leech it back out or only very slowly.
Using the same products, such as Diamond black will allow folks to better
compare differences, like if folks all use Flourish etc.

Tom Barr 


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