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[APD] In reference to Dave T's lighting suggestions

If I understood your post correctly, you are suggesting that lights be mounted on the side or "front" of a tank. Perhaps I misunderstood, but in my own case, part of the reason for having the tank is to enjoy it's beauty. Now my tanks are not in any category with the pro's, but they do please me. And to place lighting behind or worse in front of the tank would make the viewing difficult if not impossible. I can't imagine trying to work on or see anything clearly with high output lighting glaring at me while I try to locate something in the tank. I use an offset lamp to do tank work, it's handy, can be removed or relocated after the work is accomplished and there are no fancy wiring considerations. And certainly this is the only time I can imagine using lighting on the back or front of a tank, not a permanent fixture to block or blind viewing. That's just my two cents worth.

Walt Wilson
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