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> No, iron testing is difficult and does not realistically tell you what you
> need to know. How much iron the plant needs.
> Test kits vary a good deal and the time of the test after you take the
> sample and add the dose also matters a great deal as you have likely
> figured out.
Alright, I'm just confused why everywhere I look people keep saying to
maintain a 0.1ppm iron level :-/  I guess I'll concentrate on the others
you've suggested.

> You should deal more with the CO2 and NO3.
> Traces are best gauged by adding progreesively more till there is no
> improvement in plant health when the CO2,NO3, K+, PO4 GH are in good
> Give each amount of trace that you try, about 3 weeks time.
> Once you determine this amount, stick with it and remember the plant
> biomass you had, if it doubles, you'll need to double the dosing for the
> Trace mix. Dose at least 2-3x a week.
Ok, I've been trying to dose about 1/day w/2tsp to keep a better level of
nutrients available, if I do it less frequently I'll likely forget :-0  Bad?

> How big is your tank and how much light for starters.
90G w/overflow (all-glass).  Two Smart Lite (Custom Sea), 48". 2x2x65W =
260W total.

I also measured my nitrates tonight, they're just about 4-5ppm.  KH is kept
at 4 degrees, pH 6.8, GH 2 degrees.  Compressed CO2, home-made reactor,
home-made bio filter w/5g bio balls, about 500Gph (750gph pump).  Laterite
(20lbs) in substrate (quartz), about 3" deep.  Anything else?

The plants look like they're defficient in something.  They're yellowing
from the edge of the leaves toward the center stem.  I hope this is a
potassium thing because I haven't been dosing that yet, hoping to see some
results from the trace mix.  How long should I continue with the trace mix
(it's been about a week) before I introduce the K2SO4?  Or should I really
just mix them all back together and try to ramp up the ferts while holding
the parameters you've mentioned steady?  Or...wait another two weeks doing
the trace before introducing others.

Thanks so much!
Dave T.

> Regards,
> Tom Barr

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