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[APD] Iron levels, UGH, Anemic in Boston ;-)

I've been trying to follow the Sears/Colin paper on how to dose these fertilizers I've had for a few months.  I bought dry ferts from Greg and made a mix just as the directions say, but I didn't notice much change, and I never noticed my iron levels increase at all.  I have a red sea iron test kit (as I've complained before), the first step on the test chart is 0.1ppm and is slightly more grey then light blue (which is difficult for me to see).

Anyway, I've been dosing just a mix of plantex in water (100ml instead of 300ml mix) and I just did a water change and calculated what amount of the mix I would need to make the target water 0.1ppm.  I've never seen this test change colors, am I doing something wrong?  The tank is pretty heavily planted, I put 2tsp per day of this mix, and added 2tsp to the changed water.  I did a test after about an hour and the iron is undetectable, it would seem just after adding iron to the tank it should see SOMETHING!  I want to make sure I can get a maintained level of 0.1ppm Iron before I start dosing Potassium Sulfate to the tank, and then Potassium Nitrate.  I'm trying to do this by the book and I can't seem to even get past the first step.

Help :-/

-Dave T.
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