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[APD] Detroit area "All Clubs" Winter gathering <off topic>

Hey everyone,

Sorry to stop off topic, and i know this is last minute post but..... for those of you around detroit metro area looking for something 'fishy' <bad pun intended> to do tommorrow....

The Metro Detroit Area Aquarium Society's and Clubs are hosting their anual All Clubs Swap Meet, Flea Market and Guest Speaker.

Flea Market is from 1-4:30pm
Dinner starts at 6pm
Rare Fish Raffle immediately following dinner
Guest Speaker to start ~ 7:30pm.

This years guest speaker Charley Grimes will be giving his presentation on the "Xingu River : A Dream Collecting Trip for Pleco's"
I hear he is quite the animated speaker and gives a fabulus presentation.

Dinner is $6 (tickets are limited to 50 people)

Flea Market and Guest Speaker are ____________ FREE ____________ for all to attend.

i do not know what/if there is a charge for the raffel tickets for the rare fish raffle.

The event is will be located at...

Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church
8129 Packard Ave
Warren, MI
(between 8 and 9 mile, east of Van Dyke Rd)

Maybe i'll see some of you there - look for me, i'll be running around in the GDAS Hooded sweatshirt - please come over and introduce yourself, i always enjoy meeting new fellow hobbiests.

(http://www.greaterdetroitaquariumsociety.com/f2003s.jpg <--- my goofy mug at the GDAS Fall auction showing off my new club hoodie)

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