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[APD] RE: Diana Walstad

Mario(I'm sure there are others), you are not the only one.

Unfortuantely experience with non CO2 tanks is slim from a techincal
perspective. There are folks out there.  You can tease apart the non CO2
methods in techincal terms just as you would a CO2 enriched tank, but there
seems to be less interest here unfortuately.

Some suggest to everyone that you don't need CO2 and that non CO2 tanks are
the only way to go, or the other extreme are folks that know about non CO2
tank, have trouble explaining why they work, don't have one or have not had
success with them/the patience needed but generally try and steer the
person towards what they know and have success better with, CO2 enrichment. 

Most folks will suggest things that they personally have success with.

What is needed I believe, are nice aquascaped examples of non CO2
aquariums. There are some from the past, going back to the 1950's and
1960's. Wim did a great presentation of some these at the AGA meeting 2.5
years ago.

But recent pictures and examples of non CO2 tanks to these levels are much
rarer than CO2 enriched tanks.
I will say "good things come to those that wait". There's less to go wrong
and you can leave the tank for a week or two with no worry and you can let
folks take care of it. "Add food daily, add water so the tank levels does
not drop much."    

If there were more examples, there would be more interest like the CO2
enriched planted tanks of Amano's or Dupla. 
I'd like to see his opinions about non CO2 tanks and some examples he's
But that's what starts something, nice doable examples with a method to do
The method is there, what is not there as much are good examples that are
entered into competition.

I have a few I'll be entering in the showcase this year. 
They are some of the easiest tanks I've ever maintained and can be done to
high level.

Tom Barr

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