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Re: [APD] Plant & Nutrient Imbalance ID

Thanks to all for their quick replies. Iron is a possibility, although I do 
dose it pretty heavily - 20 ml of Flourish iron after a water change, then 
15 ml every three days (the tank is 72 gallons). I may try to root tabs 
anyway - nothing else has helped!

As for traces, I use Flourish (same dosing as the Fe above) which has Boron, 
and have recently started adding Flourish Trace, but at only 1/2 the dose of 
the other Flourishes. I'll toss more in & see what happens.

I had a plant sold to me as Ammania gracilis for a while. It differed from 
this plant in that the central stalk got very thick, very quickly, and the 
leaves while shaped the same were much pinker. Maybe if this plant gets 
healthy it will do those two things.

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