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RE: [APD] Over driving lights


Here are some of the posts by Wayne that that you might
find interesting re overdriving:

On power factor & relative effects:

On wiring the bulbs:

Relative output with diff combinations:

Wayne had a number of other good posts on this topic before
he, apparently, dropped from the list.

Worth noting is that doubling up bulbs doesn't necessarily
mean you double the output wattage or the amount of light.
The interaction of ballasts and fluorescent bulbs is not
that simple.

Btw, I suppose that MHs could be overdriven too but I
certainly would not recommend it. MHs are capable of
exploding if not not operated within certain parameters.
Fluorescents are much more forgiving.

And remember always that fluorescent ballasts output high
voltage and must be treated with great respect. There's no
point saving money on a light set up if you end up paying
all the savings and more on hospital bills or increased
fire insurance premiums.

Scott H.

S. Hieber

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