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RE: [APD] Plant shopping

I got my package from them last night, 30 plants total.  I was slightly
surprised by their size, mostly seemed small to me, but then I realized
they were foreground plants<g>.  My wife really wanted Madagascar Lace,
so that was one, it didn't fit in the box (and it would've been silly to
use a much larger box for this plant).  It appeared to have been wrapped
very carefully and folded gently into the box.  One of the stems had
broken, but the rest were perfectly intact.  I'm amazed at the sheer
size of this plant!  In my 24" high 90G tank the thing goes square up to
the top of the water, and not even close to straight.  If it had the
strength to withstand the current I'm sure the plant would be 4-5" out
of the water.  Only bad thing is it casts quite a shadow on the lower
plants...other plants came in perfectly, individually wrapped and
labelled.  Also came with a heat pack and the shipping was really fast
(I actually made a mistake choosing USPS Express instead of standard,
but I'm glad I did).

Anyway, thanks for the feedback, I'd also suggest this place in a
heartbeat to anyone!  I even emailed them twice to add plants I had
neglected to add myself, one showed as unavailable on the site, but I
had e-mailed a question before placing the order.  I was informed they
did have the plant, so I threw that in as a slight curve ball, it was
picked right up, Angela added it to my order.  Next I added three
bunches of Lilaeopsis, again, picked right up.  She added everything to
the order and shipped it out that day, I got it next day by noon time.

Word to the wise, if something shows as unavailable on the site, try
e-mailling them first, it may be in stock afterall.

-Dave T.

On 2/9/2004, "william ruyle" <inquartata at comcast_net> wrote:

>Had to check to make sure it was the same one: highly recommended.
>Plants always healthy and great packaging.
>Anyone purchased from http://www.aquaticplantdepot.com/ ?
>My wife found it tonight and it seems to have great prices for shipping
>and plants and a great variety.
>-Dave T.
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