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[APD] Re: I Need Serious Help

I notice 2 things:
1. Of the three macronutrients - Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium - you 
are removing two, then adding back micronutrients. I think you would be 
better off making sure you have enough of the macros.

2. All of your plants are very slow growing - it's hard to outcompete algae 
with slow growing plants.

I'd try two things:
First, get your macronutrients in order
Second, add some fast-growing plants like hygro, water sprite, and so on. 
Once your tank is not so depressing, you can take them out and go with the 
all-slow growing mix you have right now. 2 WPG is plenty for those plants.

Also, have you changed out your bulbs recently? Regular flourescent bulbs 
should be swapped out yearly, or so.

What is your water like out of the faucet?

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