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Re: [APD] I Need Serious Help

Why are you trying to filter out the nitrates and
phosphate? Are the levels so high that you need to do this.
You could be starving your plants. Algae just loves when
that happens. Plants need some nitrate and phosphate and
potassium as macro nutrients as well as the trace element

--- jason cohen <jakeowen at optonline_net> wrote:
> Hey Everyone,
> I've been keeping apistos for a few years now.
> Everything was going great until about two years ago.
> I have a 30 gallon tank. It has a double flourescent with
> two thirty 
> watt Triton bulbs, a Fluval 303 canister which I fill
> with Sea Chem 
> DeNitrate and PhosGuard. I use RO water, to which I add
> Seachem Flourish 
> Trace elements, and a touch of Seachem Discus Buffer. I
> have also been 
> trying Flourish Excell to help add some carbon. I have
> also recently 
> changed the filters in the RO unit.
>   I fight with this slime algae, and I am losing. I also
> have the black 
> hair algae.
> My tank is disgusting. My plants are choking. My fish
> can't be happy. I 
> have been changing water, sucking, picking and netting
> this stuff out of 
> my tank every couple of days for so long now that I can't
> even remember.
> It has one large sword which will be removed within the
> next few days. I 
> believe it is hogging all the light, and possibly the
> nutrients as it 
> takes up almost half of the tank. There are mostly
> anubias, javas, and 
> some crypts. Nothing too demanding. All the plants are in
> a state of 
> dormancy.
> I see tanks on the net that look so clean and sparkling
> beautiful that 
> they almost look fake. I have never been able to reach
> this state of 
> cleanliness in my tanks, and have been trying for a very
> long time. I 
> would love to become an Amano wannabe, but I am not even
> close.
> Can anyone help me get my tank to this level? or at least
> a much 
> healthier enviroment than it is?

S. Hieber

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