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[APD] Looking for donations -- Houston

Just on the off-chance that anyone has equipment laying around unused, I am
trying to set up a planted tank to study photosynthesis and habitats a local
Houston elementary school (NW Houston, N. Eldridge at Tanner Rd) and I am
looking for cheap equipment or charitable donations.

I have a 38 gallon tank 36"x12"x18", and imitation HOT filter, substrate and
Carbo+ unit less the actual block. I need a stand, glass top, NO3 and P test
kits, 36" lights at ~100 watts, HOT filter pads, and a Carbo+ block. If
anyone can sell or give me any of these, please email me, I can have the
school mail a tax reciept for charitable donations.

In Houston, I can pick up.

Ann Viverette

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