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[APD] white worms

hi there. I got up this morning at 4:30 am and turned on my fish tank light to just see what was going on. and to my surprise I saw 2 white worms in my tank one was on the glass making a bee line for the gravel I presume to hide from the light. And the other was free swimming in the water. And it swam or should I say wiggled its way through  the water to the cabomba where it disappeared. these worms where about an inch long, white, and maybe 1/32  in diam. or smaller. the question is what are they, are they suppose to be there,  are they harmful or beneficial, and how did they get there. The goldfish that I still have from startup eat everything they see and they swam right next to the one and didn't even give it a notice.  To a fish I thought that it would be good eatin'. maybe they (the fish) no something that I don't. Any info. would be greatly appreciate

thank you   Brian Nadolny 
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