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[APD] Ruppia maritima

Dear Tom,
  Thank you very much for your responses.

  I just did a google search on Ruppia maritima and was thrilled to learn it
grows all along coastal U.S.A.  So, perhaps when it warms up here in MA I
can go out and collect some.  I've never collected plants before, so I
wanted to check to see if there was any advice you can give or any legal
issues I should be aware of.  Has anyone had any experience with this plant
in the aquarium?  The tank I would like to put it in has a flourite
substrate, 2 watts per gallon of light, and 1.010 salinity.  It will be a
fun experiment as long as I can collect some.
 Thanks again!

  Sherry Quinn

> Oh, one more question.  I know you are into saltwater macro algae and
> plants.  I was wondering if you've had any experience with brackish water
> plants or if their were any true brackish water plants. 

Well, estuary plants, many of which are emegernt plants.
Ruppia maritima is good, I'd just gom all the way and keep Saltwater
perswonally, thenm you have 100 species and VERY cool fish to pick from.
Puffers included, some of which are very interesting fish.

 I have a 20 gallon
> long aquarium which is kept at 1.010 salinity with 4 figure eight puffers.
> I put java moss in the tank because they seem to like to bite it, but
> about 2 weeks it begins to get brown and I remove it.  I just hate having
> tank without any plants in it.  Any suggestions?

Try some Ruppia. Few plants will make it and it's not enough for full SW
plants/macro algae.
Emergent plants, Mangroves etc are also nice looking options. 

Tom Barr

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