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[APD] Yet another easy cheap way to get rid of Green water without spending much

Likely I will get more positive responses than the copper suggestion last month:-)

A 9 3/4 " inch Canister filter + a 1 or a 5 micron cartiage will work like a diatom when hooked up to a powerhead or filter output.
The cartiage cost about 6-8$ and the housing cost 5-8$.
Both are available from Aquatic ECO systems. 

For about 15-20$ you should be able to rig something up that will filter down to 1 micron and remove any green water without using a UV or a Diatom filter which run 80-110$. 

The pleated micron cartiages are bleachable and you can reuse them, but the 1 micron will deteroiate some and not have 1 micron ability after a run or two*(but then it might be 1-3 microns which is still fine, the 5 micron will clog up some and have a smaller sizing also).

A pair of simple U shaped PVC fittings to hang on the side of the tank and attach the powerhead or filter for a tempoary polishing of the water after a water change for a day or so is a good idea to clean up a tank nicely. Only cost about 20~$ for the extra cleaning device. Most home improvement places have 5 micron cartiages which will nab most algae and other suspended solids, 1 microns and other filter sizes are available mail order etc. 

I made one awhile back, but am just starting to use it after not using them for 15 years when I used them as the main mechanical filter for some of my tanks. Cheap and easy to turn on after a water change when things are stirred up and to leave on like a Diatom but easier and much cheaper to use. Not a bad clean up DIY device. 

Also using the 50micron size is great for general tank mechanical filtration with a power head/pump.
Running several in series causes a great deal of pressure drop and might not be suitable for all applications. 

Tom Barr  
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