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[APD] grey slime

The grey slime problem I had before lurked its
ugly head up for one day and then disappeared. The
only different things that could have caused it
was a lazy python in and python out water change
which I have not done in a very long time and
adding some GH. I have been doing my 50% water
changes with 5gallon buckets because my water has
a whole lot of chlorine and I have problems with
algae blooms when it is not properly treated.
I also have a problem with low calcium and I had
added oyster grit to the filter around the same
time I got the slime the first time.
So a couple days ago, the day after my lazy water
change and adding some Kent GH+ stuff, I see the
slime just in about 6 different places. I
immediately removed any leaves that had slime on
them. The next day it was nowhere to be seen. I
decided to add more GH+ to see if it would bring
it on again, and it did not. I am thinking it
could have been kicked off by the untreated water
in my waterchange?


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