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[APD] Plants for low tech tanks?

Well, I have finally given up trying to use our raw well water in any form.
I tried running it through a basic 5micron sediment filter and the resulting
water ended up a nice dark looking iced tea color after being exposed to air
for a day.

So, I am going with RO water and adding salts back in to reconstitute it.
Since it looks like I will have a shot at some decent tanks again, I wanted
to get some suggestions for plants for some low tech tanks.

I have 2 - 10G tanks that I am settin up.  Both have 2- 10W compact
fluorescents with fluorite substrate.  I am looking for some plants that
will grow well (slow is ok) in these tanks that do not require a lot of
maintenance.  I like to save the higher maint plants for my high tech tank.
In particular I'd like plants that I don't have to trim the tops and replant
(like rotala indica, etc).  The stuff grows fine, it just is a royal pain to
keep looking nice.

Both of these tanks will have livebearers in them which means a good mixture
of fry and adults will be scooting around in them.

I also will have a 37G "tall" tank here soon that I'd love suggestions for.
It also will be low tech.

Thanks in advance!


Robert Chady
Cadott, WI  where we have more snow now than we've gotten in the last couple
years.. combined.
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