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[APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 6, Issue 32

>I am unconvinced about Hovenac's claim as it might apply to
>5,000 K to 6500 K triphosphor bulbs and doubtful about it
>for 10,000 K bulbs. But I'm willing to be convinced.

>Scott H.
>S. Hieber

Scott, the only thing I would consider a blue light might help
is with blue light stomatal responses(stomata open larger when
exposed to blue light) and some for the peaks in Chl a/b, but
ALL the radient energy will go downhill energetically to P680 or
P700 before going into photochemical reactions.

So would it be better to have nothing but light at a 665nm and
685nm? No. Why?

A good general range will catch more energy than any one pigment
peak since there are many types of pigments(not just Chl a etc)
and these can adjust to the incoming light as well, so a broad
range of spectrum will allow maximum efficiency.
A good general range will allow the light harvesting
complex(LHC) to maximize all of these pigments effectively to
get the maximum amount of growth from the available light.

Most of the horticultural studies, of which there are far more
than any thing on aquatic, suggest otherwise??? Plant grow bulbs
are in the yellow part of the spectrum, not blue. But a little
blue light will help but this can be achieve by the

Some folks use the mix of both but we'd be hard pressed to show
this to be significant in our tanks, there was also a study done
on cool whites vs all those aqaurium bulb and plant bulbs, they
were the same.

Several folks over the hort labs here also say similar things
and use cool whites and they have plenty of $ for pricey bulbs
if they worked better.   

But it's your money .......and companies want it.

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