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[APD] RE: Test kits

Speaking of test kits, I need a good Iron test kit within a reasonable
budget range.  Right now I have an Iron test kit from (I believe)
Aquarium Pharamceuticals.  The test is incredibly hard to read for me,
the difference from 0 to 0.1ppm would probably be pretty damn close to
impossible for me to tell.  Can anyone recommend a good Fe test kit
(within a reasonable price, $70 listed at Tom's suggested sight is _way_
too much for me ;-)?

Seachem's Fe kit works reasonably well and is inexpensive. It also comes with a reference solution which is very useful for testing the test kit. I find the color comparison to be a bit troublesome (I'm not a big fan of that type of test in general), but it has a large color strip that is spread out enough that you can get a decent reading from it.

What I would *love* to see is some actual spectral absorption/transmission plots for these types of test kits published by the manufacturers to allow DIY and 3rd party electronic readers for the color-change type tests (hint, hint Seachem ;-).


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