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[APD] Re: So what are my CO2 levels really?

50-60ppm. Really!

Last night KH 4.5, pH 6.4, 78 bubbles/minute (room temp very warm last night, so bubble count a bit up). Let a water sample sit overnight to purge the CO2.

This morning, took another sample in sealed jar (62 bubbles/minute). Took both samples into work, calibrated pH probe (3 point) and tested.

'fresh' sample pH 6.36, CO2 50-60ppm. Test kit read 6.4, so I think the kit is fine.

purged sample pH 8.12, CO2 1.4ppm. High range test kit pH 8. So carbonates seem to be the only things at play here.

So at 50-60ppm, I think my CO2 levels are a bit too high, even though the fish don't show any visible signs of stress. My test kit seems to be fine (I didn't really think that bromothymol blue indicator would go off) so I plan to reduce the bubble rate back to around 40 bubble/minute to try and get the pH to 6.6-6.8. Surely the fish must be feeling these high levels.

Clint Brearley
Melbourne, Australia

> Also, I have access to a good quality pH probe at work, so I 
> thought I might bring in a sample in a tightly sealed container 
> filled to the brim and test that. CO2 loss from the sample should 
> be insignificant if it's well sealed don't you think? I'll also 
> test the purged sample. If the readings disagree with my test kit 
> then I think I'll look into getting a better quality pH kit.

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