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[APD] RE: K+ and Color

I don't think the color is a case of the K inhibiting the CA uptake. When I switched to CaCO3 from equilibrium I did see a greater amount of color in the plants, but experimentally I'm inclined to believe it is from a lack of Mg, not Ca. After about a week and a half of GH coming almost entirely from Ca, I got some MgSO4 and added it, and the color diminished. I would have continued to go short on the Mg, but some plants, notably L. brevepes, were starting to show some stunting.

As for the K building up over time, I don't think it would. Some weeks back, several people went and actually did the calculations to show how much buildup there would be if you overdosed a nutrient, assuming 50% water changes. It turns out that the concentration levels off fairly quickly, even assuming little or no uptake of the nutrient by the plants. Since I tend to do more like 75-85% water changes, the buildup would be essentially non-existent.


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