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[APD] RE: growing Gloss

Hi guys, 1st of all, thanks for all your advice, you're really helping me

I went to my local hydoponics store and got kno3, k2so4, and kh2po4.
According to Tom's recommendations and an article on the internet referring
to another of tom's recomendations
http://rubick.com:8002/aquarium/fertilization, i've come up with this for my
20 gallon tank....

Dosage: 1/4 teaspoon of kno3, 1/4 teaspoon of k2so4, a pinch of kh2po4,
along with 5ml of TMG.
-> (figure i don't need calcium or magnesium dosage since my water is
already pretty hard-+8 GH- and i have an open top aquaruim so when the water
evaporates I get the 2 left in my aquarium anyways.)
This dosage i will do twice a week, along with water changes.

How does that sound?

Also, at the hydoponics store I saw trace mix. Is this better than TMG or
about the same? I'm guessing it would be cheaper..... If i were to do the
trace mix after
I run out of TMG, how much should I dose each time with the trace mix? 1/4
teaspoon each dosage? Less? More?

..Another thing for Tom.... I had stated earlier that i use a diy external
reactor.. based on your design i guess... using pvc tubing and bio balls.
You had written to me:
> Consider a power head style CO2 reactor, or internal reactor like the
> guild power reactor. Both of these work well and will maximize the CO2
> the DIY source.

Isn't the external reactor more effecient or was it that you missed that i
had an external reactor in place already.. anyways, I have a pressurized co2
system on order so i will be getting my co2 levels up soon...

again, thanks guys

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