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[APD] Could you be my Benefactor???-Made you look!!!

Hello Guys and Gals. I am in dire need of Ludwigia Cuba*, Ludwigia Pantanal*, Ludwigia Brevipes, and Ludwigia Arcuata. I recently purchased from 2 guys in Singapore on seperate occasions, and I got totally crapped out plants; therefore I'm now searching close to home. I have seen Ludwigia Inclinata on Aquabid, and I recall hearing that it is the same as Pantanal-looking ar the pictures, I don't see the similarities. I am willing to pay for the plants and shipping, or just shipping if you have an abundance that you are willing to release. Thanks for the listening ear, and hopefully someone will have some or all of this. I reside in Houston, Texas.

Torrance Haggerty

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