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[APD] Re: Accuracy of lower priced pH test kits: Hagen vs. Tetra

> From: "David Grim" <grim1214 at bellsouth_net>
> I have a Hagen pH test kit about 6 months old and bought a Tetra pH test
> to compare the two.
> Anyways, the two kits gave me some very different readings, as much as
> units of pH for each tank (3 of them) by my eye.

This is a good example of:

You can buy four or five cheap test kits or one good test kit.  Or you can
buy four or five cheap test kits AND one good test kit for twice as much.

If you are serious about doing testing (i.e., you want results you can trust
and plan to take action based on those results), invest in a decent test kit
right from the get-go.  Ya, sure, LaMotte and Hach test kits cost more to
start with but refills are real cheap (unlike those hobbyist kits where the
"refill" is a new kit).

If you are doing testing just to amuse yourself when Survivor get boring, go
ahead and buy the cheapest kit you can find. Otherwise, get smart and get
serious and get LaMotte (or Hach, which is actually 4 miles due east of me).

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