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[APD] RE: growing Gloss

> Start date: December 28, 2004
> Tank:  20 gallon
> Filter:  2213 Ehiem Canister - no carbon used.
> Lighting: 2x65 watt 6700K Power compact (only one of the 65 watt bulbs is
> used, the other one is turned off)
> Substrate: 3-4 inches of Red Sea Florabase Gravel
> CO2 injection: Yeast through diy external reactor via canister outflow to
> spray bar.
> Water Chemistry: PH: 6.8 (night)-7.2 (day), KH: 4-5, GH: 8-10

Try keeping the pH lower using only CO2 gas in the 6.7-6.8 ranhe during the
This is going to cause you issues with most fast growing plants and even
the slow growers.

> Ferilization:  Seachem tab root, in addition to 5 ml of Tropica Master
> and 3 ml of Seachem Postassium every 2 days
> Maintainance: 2 gallon water changes every 2 days.

Try weekly water changes, 50% etc.
Try adding KNO3 2x a week to start, maybe 3x a week later if things look
good and plant biomass increased a fair amount.
1/4 teaspoon etc 2x a week should perk things up and negate the use of the
Potassium from the SeaChem product.

> I know i have enough light with just one 65 watt bulb on cause my Rotala
> rotundifolia is red and the glosso is growing
> horizontally (with 130 watts the glosso was growing under the gravel).
> I think my CO2 is good cause all through the day all my plants are

Not near the end of the day.
Gloss does not like to be nitrogen limited either.

Tom Barr
> Byron

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