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Re: [APD] DIY CO2 & terrariums

Tony Eales wrote:
I have no problem with humidity in fact I need a decent sized opening so that there is not constant condensation inside the terrarium. Any kind of lid or even a tapering opening like on a traditional goldfish bowl allows a very humid microclimate to develop. My first efforts were simply take-away containers or coffee jars with cling film over the top and a few holes punched in it. Having said that the humidity here is so high anyway I've had crypts come up in my bog garden from the aquarium gravel I used as mulch so YMMV.

Well, I'm in Denver CO, where the humidity is always extremely low, and I've seen the exact same thing as you. I've even experimented with using fans to blow air inside the tank toward the front glass in an effort to reduce the fogging.

As long as the tank is covered and has some water in it, the
humidity level will be plenty high inside.   I've got mosses
(java moss and christmas moss), several anubias, several crypts,
and Hydrocotyle leucocephala all growing great above the
water in my paludarium.

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