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Re: [APD] DIY CO2 & terrariums

At 05:52 PM 10/02/04 -0500, you wrote:
For these emmersed plants what do you use to help keep
the humidity up in the "tank".  I have one of those
"fog" units I'm not using and have been more intersted
in emmered growth.

Scott R.H.

I have no problem with humidity in fact I need a decent sized opening so that there is not constant condensation inside the terrarium. Any kind of lid or even a tapering opening like on a traditional goldfish bowl allows a very humid microclimate to develop. My first efforts were simply take-away containers or coffee jars with cling film over the top and a few holes punched in it. Having said that the humidity here is so high anyway I've had crypts come up in my bog garden from the aquarium gravel I used as mulch so YMMV.

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