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[APD] Cladophra, Hydrilla etc "super foods"


Don't buy it.
Send me 10$  a month instead and I will pray for you to live long and
Or, I can collect some hair algae for you to eat everyday for 30$ a month
We looked at a Hydrilla super food claim, the wording is done very
carefully often.
Anything appealing to the male ego in terms of larger, longer, better
performance etc is not supported if you look carefully how they word it and
is always suspect. Or it's just plain wrong.

They said the same thing about Hydrilla.We could not find a single study on
humans and nutrition with Hydrilla yet it sure sounded like it as you read
their claims through several pages of ads.

Be careful, there are many spam businesses, and other similar get rich
quick schemes.
Anything that claims male enhancement, live longer, more energy etc.....I'd
not look twice. Hit delete fast.
There are some studies on some algae and human nutrition(Siprulina etc),
folks also eat Nori, Ulva etc, but I really don't think it's going to
become a staple diet.

Tom Barr

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