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[APD] K+ and Color (it's the Mg!)

A couple of days ago I posted about this subject. I had recently switched from raising GH with Equilibrium to using CaCO3, and an unexpected side effect was that all of my red plants got redder. This was very exciting, since in this tank all red plants turned green.

Experimentally it appears that the issue is Magnesium, not Potassium.

When I used the CaCO3 for the first time, I had no MgSO4. After about 2-3 days, the plants got the beautiful red color. On Saturday, I went and got some MgSO4, and dosed it at about 7 ppm. In 3 days, the plants went back to their pre-Mg deficiency coloration.

Our water here is very soft, although we're on winter water, so KH=GH=2, not <1 as I had previously reported.

I'd be interested to know if a high Ca:Mg ratio in water with a greater GH affects color.


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