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Re: [APD] Re: planted sand substrate

At 03:17 PM 2/10/2004, you wrote:

Hi Reggie,

I'm about to try using pool filter sand in some of my
tanks.  Supposedly it is pretty much pre-washed, so
that people can use it to filter their pool water.
I'm not sure, but I bet it's unlikely to alter water
chemistry too much, since pool people are worried
about that, too.  I paid $7.99 at a pool supply store
for a 50 lb bag.  I've used play sand in the past, and
I have to wash it a gazillion times, it's so muddy.
Also, pool filter sand is a slightly larger grain than
play sand, and is supposedly all the same grain size.

Does anyone have any experience with this material?



I've used pool filter sand in the past and currently still do so. Its a coarse grain silica sand, and should not by nature alter your water chemistry (i've never seen it here). The grain size makes for nice strong root growth, easy hold down of [most] stem plants when replanting trimmings, I've also noticed that the larger grain size helps to prevent too much compacting from going on. Foreground plants seem to like this substrate a lot. Tenellus, dwarf sag's and glosso have all done well for me with this type of sand.

It will seem a little on the bright side for substrate when you first start to use it - but it will darken naturally over time. Once your tank ages out, i find this substrate to be very pleasing. One really nice thing about using this substrate - unless you have a lot of fish in your tank that disturb the substrate (or burrowing snails, etc) mulm usually just settles on top and can be vacumed off with only a quick hover.

Some sort of soil addative would be recomended (clay based products - laterite, kitty litter, flourite all work well, along with root tabs) in areas where you plan to have heavy root feeders.

Just for reference - this can also be found at landscape supplys simply as 'coarse' silica sand. Aparently its used as a common mixer for some cementing applicatoins. I have found that this industrial mix is a BIT more dusty than what you buy as actual Pool Filter Sand, but nowhere near as bad as a play sand is. Local price here is about $7.50 for an 80lb bag when purchased this way.

Oh yes, one more note - i've kept cories and loaches in tanks with this sand as the substrate - one group for about 2.5 years and didnt notice any barbel erosion over that time.

Just my $0.02 USD but i hope its helpful.

Berne Kairunas
Metro Detroit Aquatic Plant Supply - www.mdaps.biz
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