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Re: [APD] CO2 equipment -- Cutting losses

Over 7 bubbles per second? 

It sounds like you are lettting he CO2 out of the CO2 tank
and into the aquarium at a rapid rate.  After using some
soapy water (1/2 tsp liquid dish detergent in a couple
ounces of water) to test for leaks at the fittings, I'd
consider how the water system might be shedding CO2.

If the overflow is a hong-on-rim tiype, is the overflow
covered or open on the drain side?
If the overflow is an internal-to-aquarium type, is it one
big waterfall?

Is the trickle chamber covered, loosely overed, or tightly

How much water is recirculating in the sump instead of CO2
rich water going directly out of the sump and back to the

A 2-stage regulator has very little value for aquarium use.
What a 2-stage regulator does is keep the regulator output
pressure more stable as a the CO2 tank pressure drops.
Because of that maybe it would let you use buck's worth
more of CO2 before you have to get a refill becasue the
tank is too low to operate. But 2-stage regulators are
usually awfully expensive.  You can use a 2-stage with or
without a solenoid. IF you have big changes in ambient
temperature such that the pressure in your CO2 tank changes
a lot form day to day, then a 2-stage regulator might help
keep the CO2 output rate more constant. But it would still
be hard to justify the cost -- unless you find a really
good deal for a working used model on Ebay.

A solenoid might save you some CO2 by not letting the CO2
level get too high. But it probably won't save quite as
much as you think. My CO2 runs 24/7 and my pH only swings
0.2 units peak to peak -- that might represent a big loss
if my CO2 use wa terribly inefficient, but then I'd have
other, bigger problems -- i.e., something causing the water
to shed the CO2 as fast as you're putting it in. 

Anyway, the more slowly your tank sheds CO2, the bigger the
impact of changes such as solenoids, nights-offs use,
different types of reactor and water (re)circulation).

Good luck,
Scott H.
--- Bob  A <radler at pacbell_net> wrote:
> I am injecting CO2 with a high pressure system, but have
> been experiencing a perplexing problem.....
> I have a 125g. planted, discus tank.  I try to keep the
> pH between 6.7 and 6.8. KH is 5 and GH is 9-10.  The prob
> is that I go thru a 10 lb. tank in just under 3 wks!!!
> I suspect maybe a leak in my regulator, but cant find
> one.  Im using silicon tubing which leads into a power
> head that feeds a reactor in my sump, which empties into
> the sump water and fed directly by way of Eheim pump back
> into the main tank.  I am using a trickle, wet-dry
> filtration system.  No agitation of the water in the main
> tank.  And, I keep the CO2 on 24/7.
> Am presently bubbling 7-8/sec (approx).  
> ONe more thing.....have lost some fish due to CO2 dump.
> How many of you use a 2 stage vs. one stage regulator?
> Does a one stage with solenoid combined with controller
> serve the same protective purpose as a 2 stage?
> Any recommendations are appreciated.
> Please note...my present regulator is a 1-stage , with
> solenoid and needle valve....no controller and no bubble
> counter.
> Any suggestion of brand names for CO2 equipment?
> Bob
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