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[APD] CO2 equipment

I am injecting CO2 with a high pressure system, but have been experiencing a perplexing problem.....
I have a 125g. planted, discus tank.  I try to keep the pH between 6.7 and 6.8. KH is 5 and GH is 9-10.  The prob is that I go thru a 10 lb. tank in just under 3 wks!!!
I suspect maybe a leak in my regulator, but cant find one.  Im using silicon tubing which leads into a power head that feeds a reactor in my sump, which empties into the sump water and fed directly by way of Eheim pump back into the main tank.  I am using a trickle, wet-dry filtration system.  No agitation of the water in the main tank.  And, I keep the CO2 on 24/7.
Am presently bubbling 7-8/sec (approx).  
ONe more thing.....have lost some fish due to CO2 dump.
How many of you use a 2 stage vs. one stage regulator?
Does a one stage with solenoid combined with controller serve the same protective purpose as a 2 stage?
Any recommendations are appreciated.
Please note...my present regulator is a 1-stage , with solenoid and needle valve....no controller and no bubble counter.
Any suggestion of brand names for CO2 equipment?
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