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[APD] Re: planted sand substrate

> Reggie Bustinza <numbr_9 at hotmail_com> wrote:

> Hi, all.  I am getting some pygmy cories and some Neo lamprologus
> multifaciatus (for different tanks).  From what I've read, both fish
> preferred sandy substrates.  I am currently using fluorite in both planted
> tanks.  Is there a readily available sand type that won't buffer the water?
> Any help is, as always, appreciated.

Play sand from Lowe's, Home Depot, Walmart, etc. Put several handfuls in a bowl and
rinse it several times, pouring off the dirty water. It will not alter the water
chemistry. It will however over time, work it's way down through the Fluorite and if
you put enough to take that in account, it may compact your already open substrate.
Multis like harsh Tanganyikan water; high pH, high mineral hardness, high alk., which
aren't conducive to planted tanks. If you can, and you won't be sorry, get the Multis a
10 or 15 gallon sand, shell, and large rock cave tank. They'll be much happier and will
intrigue you every day which their moving, building, and breeding skills. They're
shelldwellers and you can't have enough shells for them. They also mine sand with the
passion of a compulsive disorder fish!

I had 5 fish 2 years ago, now I have at least 75! They are all sizes and fit in very
well with my 55G Tanganyikan community. They can hold their own with most medium
aggressive Tanganyikans!

Jamie <"///><

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