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[APD] Re: Aquatic Mosses

Dear Stephan,

I will be meeting Professor Benito Tan again this Saturday and I will pose your questions to him.
In the meantime, I'm inclined to believe that all the Java Mosses as we know them do not belong to
the genus Vesicularia. As you found out yourself from his web site, there are quite a few species
under the genus Taxiphyllum. Chances are the various Java Mosses available to hobbyists everywhere
now belong to one of these species. Prof Tan said the discovery that Java Moss isn't Vesicularia was
made by a Japanese bryologist sometime in the year 1985. I suppose that internet access wasn't so
common then and the fact that it was published in a Japanese scientific paper are the reasons the
English-speaking community of hobbyists aren't aware of this.

On Prof Tan's web site, a species name, barbieri is listed next to the genus name Taxiphyllum for Java
Moss but I think the list was done up a few years ago. The scientific name could be given to the Java
Moss from Vietnam that Prof Tan studied then. Those from Vietnam had capsules, something I have
never seen on Java Moss before. Besides Willow Moss, I'm also looking for Java Moss with capsules.
If you have any such Java growing in your tanks, you have my eternal gratitude if you can send some to
me. With the capsules, of course.

Besides mosses, Prof Tan is also an expert in liverworts. I think there's little doubt about the identities of
liverworts like Monoselenium tenerum and Riccia fluitans but I will be bringing a sample of the plant known as
"Mini-Riccia" to the professor this Saturday. It will be interesting to know if it's really a species of Riccia.

I have never heard of Amblystegium humile but if it's a moss, I would want some. In return, I will gladly send you
some Erect Moss. I'm one of those who doesn't care if everyone knows where I live so here's my address:

Loh Kwek Leong
Block 104 Towner Road
Singapore 322104

If you have never send moss to another country, you may want to check out how I do it at:


Dear Scott,

Thank you so much for highlighting how my name works. For the time being, however, I don't really care if people
address me wrongly so long as they send me some mosses :-) I sent the Christmas Moss to many people living in
many countries, some as far away as Brazil and Peru. I hope the people who once received moss from me
would return the favour. If they were for my own tanks, I wouldn't have asked. But whatever moss you sent
will be used for scientific research. Thank you.

Loh K L

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