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[APD] A too in-frequent Thank You!

I want to make this e-mail in it's entirety a big thank you to all the contributors of my aquarium hobby.

First and foremost is Erik Olson for his formation and maintenance of www.thekrib.com. The endless amount of archived, organized, pertinent information has been huge in starting, learning, and progressing me through my hobby. Although, I'm still quite a newb at it, I wouldn't be much more then a goldfish bowl past where I started if it weren't for his site.

Second, all the contributors to the various archives of The Krib. Sears and Colin, for example, for doing the research and compilation they did (and everyone who contributed and continue to update the research). And Tom Barr for his continuing, high-end contributions to the list.

And finally all the people of AGA and TAG who have given me something to strive for ;-)

I'm sure I've left people out. Other people who perhaps others on this list want to thank. So, here I open the floor for everyone to appreciate and thank everyone else that has made this hobby, and made it so much fun.

Without being too long-winded as I often am, I'll end this here.

Cheers to everyone of the Aquatic Plant World!

-Dave T.

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