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Re: [APD] Re: Aquatic Mosses Stephan and Loh

Stephan and Loh,
Stephan, Can I get a sample of both Amblystegium
species? I am in US, and I can absorb shipping costs.

Loh, there is population of F. antypiretica, I've seen
(but not sampled) last October in Bucharest. I can try
to contact people over there to send us a sample.


--- stephan mifsud <valerandi at nextgen_net.mt> wrote:
> Very interesting article and find-out Loh. Your
> professor was way better
> than mine. :) I've given up on any IDs from him.
> I would like to make one observation. The ID of the
> 'Java' moss you were
> growing was not Vesicularia. OK, but that does not
> really mean that
> everyone's Java moss is not. I believe that many
> types of mosses can be
> grown in aquaria and that people have repeatedly
> mistaken one species for
> another since they resmble each other greatly.
> The moss I know as Java moss does not resemble
> yours, more like christmas
> moss in shape but differs in temperature tolerances
> and cell formation. My
> Java moss was originally from Singapore! I wonder
> what it really is?
> It would be interesting if Dr Claus of Tropica can
> confirm the ID of their
> Java moss as they have done with (ex)Pellia.
> I have some aquatic Amblystegium humile or riparium.
> Loh, give me your address off-list if interested.
> Best regards
> Stephan
> > This is an appeal to those hobbyists here who live
> in North America or
> > Europe.  If you can send me a sample of the
> genuine Willow Moss,
> > (Fontinalis antipyretica), I would in return send
> you Erect or Christmas
> > Moss.
> >
> > I would have bought this plant from the local fish
> shops but I suspect
> none
> > of the so-called Willow Mosses here are the real
> McKoys.  Prof Benito Tan,
> > the moss expert wrote me today.  He's working on a
> scientific paper to
> > identify as many aquatic mosses as he can.  He
> needs our help.  I have
> > access to most of the aquatic mosses indigenous to
> the South East Asian
> > region but I can't find Willow.  Please help if
> you can.  Thank you
> ---
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