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[APD] Re: Aquatic Mosses, Singapore and Tropica

Very interesting article and find-out Loh. Your professor was way better
than mine. :) I've given up on any IDs from him.

I would like to make one observation. The ID of the 'Java' moss you were
growing was not Vesicularia. OK, but that does not really mean that
everyone's Java moss is not. I believe that many types of mosses can be
grown in aquaria and that people have repeatedly mistaken one species for
another since they resmble each other greatly.

The moss I know as Java moss does not resemble yours, more like christmas
moss in shape but differs in temperature tolerances and cell formation. My
Java moss was originally from Singapore! I wonder what it really is?

It would be interesting if Dr Claus of Tropica can confirm the ID of their
Java moss as they have done with (ex)Pellia.

I have some aquatic Amblystegium humile or riparium.

Loh, give me your address off-list if interested.

Best regards


> This is an appeal to those hobbyists here who live in North America or
> Europe.  If you can send me a sample of the genuine Willow Moss,
> (Fontinalis antipyretica), I would in return send you Erect or Christmas
> Moss.
> I would have bought this plant from the local fish shops but I suspect
> of the so-called Willow Mosses here are the real McKoys.  Prof Benito Tan,
> the moss expert wrote me today.  He's working on a scientific paper to
> identify as many aquatic mosses as he can.  He needs our help.  I have
> access to most of the aquatic mosses indigenous to the South East Asian
> region but I can't find Willow.  Please help if you can.  Thank you

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